2020 Best 06 of Netflix TV Series of the Year.

2020 Best 06 of Netflix TV Series of the Year.

.1) The Good Place.

There are many different religions about what happens after death. But The Good Place is not just a posthumous story, it is a wonderful series that inspires us to think about life in a different way. This story covers many areas, such as horror, curiosity, philosophy, romanticism, satire, comedy Netflix show.

Eleanor, Chidi, Tahani, and Jason are four friends who meet after death. For their help, there is someone alive like Google. Her name is Janet. With Janet’s help, will they be able to solve the mystery behind where they were born? The story ends in four seasons. Those who watched FRIENDS last season will have a little surprise.

.2) Sex Education.

In countries like Sri Lanka, we do not openly talk about sex in terms of cultural background. So there is very little knowledge of the youth involved. So Otis Milburn, the young man in the story, gives his friends sex education. It has gained immense popularity in IMDb 8.3, making it popular as a piece of knowledge and comedy.
Season two is still up. COVID-19 is reported to be delaying Season 3 on Netflix.

.3) You.

There are many types of lovers, such as those who are in love with their girlfriend, who are ignorant, and jealous. But Joe Goldberg is a lover who overcomes obstacles for good or (mostly) for love.

In the first part of the story, a young man who works in a bookstore is carrying out other secrets besides preserving books in a special room on the ground floor. During work, he often has to go out to find his girlfriend’s secret. Is that all he does for love? Or is there a hidden problem behind it? You’ll have to see this to know it.
There have been two seasons. The horror of Season 2 is great. The next one will be like in 2021.

.4) Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

You’ve probably seen Breaking Bad. (Otherwise, there’s Netflix. Sure.) The drug-trafficker Walter White and Jesse Pinkman do for a living is horrifying. Later, a movie called El Camino with Jesse’s Eye was added to Netflix.
Better Call Saul builds on the career of a lawyer named Saul, who is the epitome of Breaking Bad. He has the amazing ability to say “I know a guy who knows a guy” and you can enjoy the adventures he encounters. His brother is afraid of sunlight and electricity. When he goes home, he has to remove his phones and watches.

.5) Money Heist.

This is one of the best, thrilling Netflix series ever seen this year. A group of world cities take control of Spain’s printing press with their leader, the professor. That’s how the first season paid off. Will the police and security forces close their eyes and go in and get their money and come out?
There are a lot of things you can do while sitting inside the professor, solving the various challenges that come with the hostage, and how the plan can be manipulated by the various characters in the hostage. If it doesn’t sound like the beginning, look at Episode VI. Your experience at Prison Break will be doubled.

.6) Dark.

Children in Minden, Germany, suddenly disappear. Such events have taken place 33 years ago, and the entire city is shocked. The mystery is initiated by a secret gateway in the city, near a nuclear power plant.
In the jungle, children die suddenly. Upon inspection, they found that there was no soil around them and their equipment was not up to date. Where could these soils be? Could it be those obsolete electronic devices were used for poverty? To find the answer to all of this you have to look at the Dark.
While some of the soundtracks here may sound like a horror, it should be remembered that this is not based on ghost stories.

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