Bad Boys for Life.

Bad Boys for Life.

Grossing an amount of $419 million worldwide and turning out to be the highest-grossing film of 2020, it starts off with the escaping of the dangerous widow Isabel Aretas from the Mexican prison.

Isabel was helped by Armando whose brain was corrupted in the form of a task to recover an amount of money that was safely hidden by his father, Benito while assassinating the people who were responsible for his death.

“He dies last”

Armando who was ordered to kill Mike Lowrey at the very end of the mission gets rebuked by Isabel for shooting him at the beginning itself, which leaves Mike in a coma condition for months.

Yet Armando continues to assassinate the rest on the list. Meanwhile a sort of row occurs between the retired Marcus and Mike over Mike’s attempt to recruit Marcus back to his position. 

“One last time”

Captain Howard who understands Mike’s “somebody who wants it really bad” attitude allows him to work with the Advanced Miami Metro Operations surprisingly led by Mike’s ex-girlfriend Rita. After numerous failures to save the lives of certain people related to the mission, the assassination of the captain turns out to be a terrible blow to Marcus which subjects him to become a part of the AMMO.

Presenting a mind blowing car chase with much sarcasm the movie introduces Zway-Lo who was killed by Armando because of his inability to shoot Mike who was approaching for him.

However he later reveals to Marcus that there is a sort of probability for Armando to be his son because of the phrase “hasta el fuego “ which was said shortly before shooting him.

The suspicion with regard to his assumption was further increased because of dating Isabel while working as an undercover officer in Aretas Cartel.

A breathtaking shooting scene occurs in the Hidalgo place. Marcus who shot the pilot of Isabel’s support helicopter results in a fire inside the building. Marcus confronts Isabel while Armando keeps on beating his father who does not attack back to him.

Finally, Isabel gains the strength to reveal to Armando that Mike is truly his father which results in Armando being injured by being shot in an attempt to protect his father from his mother who was trying to shoot him. However, Rita finally kills Isabel with some gunshots. The movie wraps up with Rita being promoted to the level of a police

 captain and Mike and Marcus remaining within the AMMO.






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