DC FANDOME virtual event 2020, how to watch and more amazing things about it

DC FANDOME virtual event 2020, how to watch and more amazing things about it

What is this DC FANDOME?


You know there are comic corners in the world. As is well known in Sri Lanka, there are two. Then the two main comic cones in the world are the New York Comic Con and the San Diego Comic-Con. If you don’t know much about those two comic cones, I will say this. Marvel Face Four (the next set of films and TV series in the Marvel film universe) was released at the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con.

A comic con is an event that brings out such big things in the news. More than a million people around the world will definitely go for this.
One hundred and sixty-seven thousand have gone in 2015. That basic simply said what a comic con is.

Right now this year the San Diego Comic-Con was online because of the Corona stories. But Marvel DC was not involved in this except in comics … that is, they did not talk about the film TV series at the San Diego Comic-Con online. So DC is doing their own comic corner because they need a way to get their news and details out.

That is what this DC FANDOME is all about. (No news about Marvel yet) But like the comic con mentioned above, we can’t physically go to the United States by plane and connect … This is online. All you have to do is go to the DC Phantom website and create an account … it doesn’t charge even five cents for a completely free event.


⚠️️OK so what’s up with DC FanDome event ??

Here is the funniest scene … Did you see the teaser trailer of DC Phantom? A 50-second video … it’s like people walking in the middle of a big display to a stadium … it’s not funny, we’ll be able to walk like that when the event starts. Like a game … crazy lame right ?? Yes, that’s how it works. There are plenty of walking places inside this for a 24-hour event … an experience never seen before … never done anything like this anywhere ….

⚠️️Okay, what else are special things going to happen on DC FANDOME event ??

DC fandome
DC fandome

There is more to come. This is not a Montessori event that was previously recorded and posted on YouTube or the DC Phantom website … as mentioned earlier, you can walk away. You are also a part of this … you can go to each panel and look around 360 degrees. Really like being inside a DC fandome event … just like a game …

Checkout this trailer about DC FANDOME

DC FANDOME live event trailer

🔜♦Let’s talk about the basics of the DC FANDOME event right now …

  • This is a 24-hour event.
  • Is on the DC Phantom website … nowhere else
  • Can use a phone? Yes, but they do recommend that you use a desktop or laptop.
  • This has a different world. It has 6 different items like floating islands (I will put a photo) in these 6 we can walk. These islands have panels for the Phantom.

This is very simply what the DC Fandome is and how it works.

If you need more information about this event click – here

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