Everything you need to know about German Shepherd Dogs

Everything you need to know about German Shepherd Dogs


German shepherd

German shepherd original ancestors were the old German herding dogs. Their task was mainly to round up and herd sheep and cattle. In ancient times the shepherd needed a dog which he could trust and which obey commands. The shepherds didn’t much care about the appearance.

          The following countries such as Netherlands, Great Britain and Belgium, which bred internationally recognized herding dogs, the Germans also wanted to have their own national breed of herding dogs. The many breeds of herding dogs are from Germany.

Max von stephanitz

German shepherd

         The history of our modern German shepherds runs parallel to that of the club “verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde”, founded in 1899. The club was founded in the name of Captain Max von stephanitz, a well know dog – fancier at that time. Von stephanitz is the creator of the German shepherd breed. In 1900, the first German shepherd dog was registered. The name of that dog is “horand von grafrath,” originally named “Hector Linksrhein”. This dog was owned by Max von stephanitz. In the past rough haired, long harried dogs and white coat German shepherds were recognized later this has been revoked.  

The difference between the 1899 German shepherd and the present German shepherd

We can see that the 1899 German shepherd doesn’t go down, which the 2009 German shepherd’s (present German shepherd) back goes down, the tail knocks on the floor.

Characteristics of the German shepherd dog.

German shepherd

          The German shepherd is the most used working dog in the world. The police, customs officials, and the military, rescue workers and the blind know that they can rely on this dog because of unfailing loyalty and the ability to track, rescue and to serve as guard dogs. These dogs are a really good choice for dog sporting. German shepherds are used for almost every task because of their loyalty to their master. The German shepherd takes commands really quick and they want to spend more time with the owner. This breed is suitable for everyone, but in some ways not for everyone.

German shepherds and the family

German shepherd

          German shepherds likely to be a part of a family and can be kept outside which must have a lot of space. But it is not recommended to keep your German shepherd at all times. German shepherd loves their owners, so if you keep him outside it thinks it’s a punishment. Although it’s a family dog it keeps a good relationship with one of the family members. The German shepherd is a guardian for the smallest family members and even gets upset if something happens to them. So as an example when your child plays with others as parents you have to have an eye on your child.

Association with other animals

          Although this dog is not a hunting dog, German shepherd has a small amount of hunting instincts. It is up to you to steer his attitude toward other animals in a correct manner. In order to get used to other animals, your dog must be socialized at a very low age.

The need of exercise

German shepherd

          German shepherds need a lot of exercises. They should at least do one hour of exercise. A very well built German shepherd can trot next to your bicycle for miles without stopping. But don’t try to do this straightway, have to build this very slowly. Swimming is one of the greatest exercises you can give for your dog. You can let your German shepherd dog run through the woods; it is not in their nature to run away from you if you had good contact with it.

Appearance of a German shepherd

German shepherd

          The German shepherd is a muscular, medium-sized dog. The ideal height for male German shepherd’s is 24.5 inches and females goes up to 22.5 inches.

Coat colors of the German shepherd

German shepherd
German shepherd colors

Buying a puppy

Male or female

It is up to you if you want a male or female depends on your personal preference. Males are clearly larger, stronger than females, it’s nice to look. Female German shepherds are generally affectionate toward house mates and gentle, their small and easy to handle. Female German shepherd usually urinates only when necessary, while males like to lift their leg more often to make their territory.

The first time at home

         Once at home you should give the puppy to urinate outside before taking him inside. Do these at a place which you will want him continue. The scent will remain recognizable for the puppy to get the urge at that same spot, make sure that if the puppy does something good. Make sure to praise him all the time “saying good boy”, don’t give treats. Make sure that to not to take your puppy out with other animals because it can get diseases from them, which the puppy cannot tolerate. When you bring your puppy home makes sure to give the puppy some peace full time gain first impressions of your house. Keep an eye on him.

The room kennel

German shepherd

A portable room kennel is a good place for a dog to sleep. This gives protection to your dog. Good, room kennels are not cheap. Normally dog are always clean in their room kennels.

The first night

The room kennel is the right place to spend the night. To prevent accidents you should walk the dog at late at night. It is very possible that the dog will start howling the first night. It is all alone for the first time and misses its litter mates and the mother.


Hip dysplasia

German shepherd

Showing German shepherds

German shepherd

What do the judges check?

  • The dog cannot have twisted legs.
  • Checks if the dog is aggressive.
  • Whether the dog has back issues.
  • Checks the teeth.

How to train a German shepherd to stack

German shepherd

         First of all you have to give the dog the obedience training and then start the dog to stack by using food. Start this when it s months of ages.

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