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FL Studio

FL Studio Launching

What is FL Studio?

is a software developed by Image-Line.This is a software for music production or Digital Audio Workstation (DAW).It avialable for Windows, Macs ,Android and iOs.This software representing more than 20 years of development.It has everything you need in one package.From this software you can compose, arrange, record, edit, mix and master professional quality music.

                            this can also be used as a Virtual Studio Technology (VST) instrument. Image-Line also offers its own VST instruments and audio applications. This has been used by lots of highly visible hip hop and EDM producers, such as Porter Robinson, Madeon, Soulja Boy, and Deadmau5.


      Before 2003 this software is called as FrutyLoops.It was developed by Didier Dambrin and was released in December 1997.Its official launch was in early 1998, when it was still a four-channels.FruityLoops was renamed FL Studio in 2003.On 22 May 2018, a macOS-compatible version of FL Studio was released.On June 21, 2011, Image-Line released FL Studio Mobile for iOS and in April 2013 for Android.

   FL Studio  console.
   FL Studio console


FL Studio comes in several editions with different levels of functionality.They are,


                 This version allows for step sequencer-only editing and is intended for 64-step loop                        creation.

         Fruity Edition

                  The Fruity Edition allows users to access the playlist, piano roll, and event automation features, which allow for complex and lengthy arranging and sequencing

         Producer Edition

                  The Producer Edition includes all of the features of the Fruity Edition, as well as full recording for internal and external audio and post-production tools

         Signature Bundle

                  This edition includes the Producer Edition as well as a series of plugins such as the Fruity Video player, DirectWave Sampler, Harmless, NewTone, Pitcher, Gross Beat and the Hardcore Guitar Effects Suite.

         All Plugins Bundle

                  The All Plugins Bundle includes the Signature Bundle along with extra plugins, particularly synthesizers.

   FL Studio Versions

  • Version 9 introduced support for multi-core effects processing and improved support for multi-core instrument processing.
  • Version 10, released on March 29, 2011, included a new project browser, fixed some bugs, and smoothed envelope points.
  • Version 11, released on April 19, 2013, included multi-touch support, improved tempo automation, new plugins such as BassDrum, GMS, Effector, Patcher, and new piano roll features.
  • Version 12, released on April 22, 2015, added a new vectorial UI, updated plugins, multi-touch support, a redesigned mixer, improved 32 & 64-bit plugin support.
  • Version 20, released on May 22, 2018, skipped versions 13 to 19 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the program. It introduced native macOS support, multiple time-signatures, MIDI conversion to audio, unlimited playlist arrangements, improved Plugin Delay Compensation, the return of the Step Sequencer Graph Editor, and other improvements

System requirements

    CPU :- 2Ghz Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 (or later) compatible CPU with full SSE2 support. The faster your CPU and more cores it has the more you will be able to do simultaneously. 

    Os :-  32 or 64 Bit versions of Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP

               Mac with OS X 10.8 or 10.9

    RAM :- 1 Gb or more RAM recommended 

    HDD :- 1 Gb free disk space

    Sound Card:- DirectSound drivers. ASIO/ASIO2 compatible required for audio recording (this installs with generic ASIO4ALL drivers)

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