Gone Girl 2014

Gone Girl 2014

Rating: 8 out of 10.

Is Marriage Always Successful? When it is not successful, what do the distressed do? The title of the story is “She’s gone,” and she’s gone forever?

In the 2014 Gone Girl movie, IMDB ranks 14th among IMDB mystery and thriller movies, with an IMDB score of 8.1.

One of the greatest performances I have seen is the role of Ben Affleck (Bat Man) as we all know, and the role of Rosamund Pike as the lead actress. (Remember Skyler White’s performance on Breaking Bad. Sorry about spoiling.)

Usually, a good movie draws its fans to its end. But all this paves the way for the movie to be over. Many will question whether the end is justified. You have to watch the movie to find out the reason.

“What do you think?
How are you feeling
What have we done to both of us?
What do we do? ”

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