Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

Director : Christopher Nolan

Inception ;So I’ve been rewatching the works of Christopher Nolan for the past few days. And they really do have a very good rewatch value owing to Nolan’s control over his medium and his style of non-linear storytelling.

Inception is primarily about memories- about how it has shaped, shaping, and will shape us-and Nolan wounds it in a pulsating thriller that’s emotionally expressive and equally arresting with visual style. The film also is an experiment on time and dreams having a fair understanding and presentation of each in a way absorbs and positions us in its narrative and in between its characters.

The problem with films, the ones that at least is done right without insulting the medium, subject or the audience, that aims at commercial merits is that they can let you in only when you are watching the film, the moment the end credits roll it feels like a ride and that’s it everything fades away.

Still, you can feel them, get stimulated emotionally and intellectually, but for how long and deep is the concern here. It’s because these films have a concern that they should, first of all, tell story, thrill and excite you then focus on its subject, atmosphere, and the themes. Like Bela Tarr says the story is not about few limited things that start somewhere and end somewhere, everything is a story and anything is the story.

Unlike many other mainstream filmmakers Nolan has made many distinctive films that have both aesthetic and commercial merit, the commercial merit however takes over the aesthetical merit, and is still enjoyable when i come back.

The moment Inception ends I feel disconnected to it, with nothing to feel or contemplate about but it remains in memory as an experience that I can revisit sometime. I loved its inception!

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