iOS 14 Highlights: What Can You Expect From Apple’s Brand New Mobile OS

iOS 14 Highlights: What Can You Expect From Apple’s Brand New Mobile OS

iOS 14 is official, and here are some major highlights you need to know.

i devices
ios 14 devices

Apple announced their brand new mobile OS, iOS 14 on WWDC 2020 keynote that happened yesterday(22/06/2020). The new OS has a fresh visual overhaul look and new cool features as well. We decided to bring you most important and special features you will get on iOS 14.

iOS 14 Requirements

iphone X
iphone X

The devices listed below can get the latest iOS once they release it.

  • iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE (first generation)
  • iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X
  • iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR
  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone SE (second generation)

iOS 14 home screen widgets


One feature that separated iOS from Android is customization. Though Android had the ability to customize their home screen and look of the phone since beginning of Android, iOS users did not have that option. They had to use what Apple provided them. Tables are going to turn with iOS 14 update. Finally you can edit widgets to home screen. Well you still cannot customize widgets to their full potential. But the ones provided are really beautiful and full of information you need to know.

These widgets now come in a variety of sizes, and they look like they’re far more attractive than what we’ve seen in previous versions of iOS (Today Now Feed). Apple even referred to these more “data-rich” widgets. According to Apple, they have learned from the way widgets work on Apple Watch, and it wanted to bring that functionality across to the iPhone.

iOS 14 App Clips

This works similar how Android instant apps work. If you are not familiar, we have you covered. App Clips is a new feature that will land in iOS 14. It will allow you to use an app without having to download the complete app in to your device. Apple is calling these “light and fast”. You access them via a card type interface that pops up at the bottom of your screen. You’ll then be able to use given specific features of certain apps without having to download them from the App Store.

App Library

A new feature named the App Library also comes at the end of your home screens within iOS 14. It helps you to organize your home screen efficiently. It automatically categorizes different services away without you manually having to do it. As an example, it can put all of your social apps in a single folder, you finance and banking apps in another, and so on.

Also, you can now hide specific apps that you don’t want on your home screens. They’ll appear in the App Library instead.

Apple Siri

Siri has gotten a brand new UI look. It now doesn’t take the entire screen. Instead, it pops up in the bottom portion of your screen. Many updates happened to Siri is in under the hood. It can work much better than it used to work. Apple believes it will make Siri a far more useful voice assistant than it has been previously.


The Messages app will many new updates. It will include the facility to pin conversations. Want to always have one particular person at the top of your messaging app? Now, you can.

Other improvements include 20 new hair and headwear styles for Memoji that allows you to better customize your character. There are also face coverings for those who want the 2020 look.

Groups are getting improvements too, including inline replies for specific messages as well as @mentions that allows it to work more like Slack than you ever wanted your personal messaging app to.


When it comes to privacy Apple always thinking about the users privacy. New iOS 14 there are many new things to protect you and give more privacy to the user.

iOS 14 Picture in Picture

The new Picture in Picture feature is a great idea and it allows the user to reply a massage or use another app when you are gaming or watching a movie.


 ios 14 map view
ios 14 map view

Everyone knows that Apple Map is the best app to best than the other apps. In iOS 14 there are some improvements.

There are new improvements to cycling. Now cyclists can search for cycle lanes and more. But these features are limited. This feature will be available to the whole world soon.

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