Kang the Conqueror – The next major enemy of the MCU (The Avengers 5)

Kang the Conqueror – The next major enemy of the MCU (The Avengers 5)

The next major enemy of the MCU (Kang the Conqueror)

This is to explain to MCU fans about kang the conqueror and why Kang will be the next MCU villain.

About Kang the Conqueror

☣️Kang the Conqueror is simply like

an emperor who controls various timelines and realities by passing time.Kang is known by various names such as Rama-tut, The Scarlet Centurion, Immortus, Iron Lad.

☣️In comics,

this Kang lives in the 31st century. Since then he has fought the Young Avengers’ prime enemy countless times on various timelines.

☣️Kang was,

the first to use Dr. Doom’s theory of time. Kang is a man who went to ancient Egypt and worked in the 40th century. He took the name Kang the Conqueror after the 40th century.This is the basic story about Kang in the comics. Now let’s see how Kang paved the way for MCU ..

☣️ ENDGAME ended the movie,

by giving Time travel tech to Mcu. That’s the main point where Kang is relevant. Feige is a master mind ..

☣️ Then why this Ant-man Kang?

Time travel technology was introduced to the world by Tony Stank, but the idea first came to Scott Lang ‘s mind. Scott is also the smartest character in the Marvel universe. . There is not only time travel but also a multiverse deal. Then you can imagine how much Kang is connected with the upcoming MCU movies.

⏭️⏭️ So Kang comes first to Ant-man?.

☣️There are several answers to this ..

Before the release of the third Ant-man movie, there will be several series related to this time travel,The WandaVision trailer released this morning confirmed that the series is also related to this.

☣️Also LOKI .. ​​In the trailer,

of the Marvel series we saw a dress worn by Loki called TVA .. This group called ” Time Variance Authority ” monitors the time line .. So with this you can see anything about Kang in the Loki series

☣️Doctor Strange,

in the Multiverse of Madness precedes Ant-man. It is related to Direct Multivers .. so this may show something about Kang ..

So this is short facts about Kang

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