Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

The best Batman films set of all time … and one of the top films that gave you the most satisfying ending … the world accepts it … Director is Inception, Memento, Interstellar, Mr. Nolan who brought us … The film series started in 2005. Looking at all three films, I felt that I was still too young to enjoy Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

For whatever reason, I think … Maybe in a third world country, we can’t enjoy the life of a non-native, even if we are working hard all our lives. We don’t have such a mind … but you don’t have to watch the action scenes …. just watch and watch 😻😻😻πŸ”₯πŸ™ Film Review.

 Not just a review, but trying to make these three films.

All three films are among the 250 best films in the world on IMDb …

01) Batman Begins (2005) 138th

02) The Dark Knight (2008) 3rd

03) The Dark Knight Rises (2012) 61st place

Okay, so let’s talk about this first Batman Begins (2005) film. It’s not a city in America … a city made for DC comics, so this Gotham City in the comics is based in cities like New York and Chicago. So before you go to Gotham City, you go to these cities and study how Gotham City really is … Gotham Slam. The scenes in that slum are in front of one …

Then there’s Wayne Manor. That means the Wayne House is simply Batman’s house … Our Nolan wants to show the Wayne family assets from this mansion because it’s so important to the story … you know the Wayne Family is hereditary. In the film, the two girls who came to the hotel with the Bruce said they were not wearing clothes. Bruce took out the checkbook and wrote a check.

The Batcave Then … Even if Bruce had the money, he couldn’t actually make a bakkie in secret. The man is not a bullet, but he is a real cave. And then the secrecy is maximized … the cave is completely made for this cave shoot.

The Bat Cave is made of wood and covered with zits (this is like the Sietz toilet, but thicker and thicker) in a large hall. Look at the video above and you will see these things … It’s also artificially made … and the bats that come out of that film are computer-based bats …Nolan’s Batman Trilogy…

As you said above, the buildings in Gotham City, in a separate hall, have actually been built. Traffic lights and road signs, even the little ones, have been built in that big hall … and they say it’s only 10 months to build it.

The first film is about two … The scene of a truck chase in the middle of the night.

It has to go over that truck and turn it over to the other side. It even really did.

When it was successful, it actually did … And this scene was filmed on one side of Chicago, taking the area, turning it into a fatal, really truck … CGI (computer-based design) Crazy Nah ??

Finally, here’s a look at some of the Dark Knight Rises film that came to the end of Nolan’s Batman series … It’s really kicking …

After that, the CIA plane shot down the landing shot from the outside of the CIA plane. Has exploded.

Then you drop that Bane Button on the CIA plane. And that’s really done … not the sweetest piece. This two-plane scene was completely shut down in two days …

And the Batcave has just been rebuilt, so why is this Batman Begins film out of date? There are really people on the ground in that scene.

Nolan says that 11,000 people appeared on the scene … I’ll put together a video with more details on all of the comment sections … If you look at them like a kamikaze, it’s a mental illness … simply “

Of course, those things are really different from directories like Nolan and Sakla and they use less CGI / VFX. If you read the article written by Sanstu, it will become clear to you … If you put the link in the comment section.

The Marvel Green Screen, this Nolan’s Batman Trilogy of films, has never been called a Green Screen, right? This is not what the Green Screen says. In the cinema, these are called practical effects …

Thank you.

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