Release the Snyder Cut

Release the Snyder Cut

Snyder’s Justice

DC After some time, DC fans got some good news after a while. I just wanted to talk a little bit about this because today’s article is going to be. Let’s start with the story from the beginning.Release the Snyder Cut

Zack Snyder is a weird director. There are fewer people in the world. Even those who watched two of Zack’s films know how Zack’s artwork is. I see Zack’s journey with DC Comics as a turning point in Zack’s art life. A DC comic is just right for someone who knows how complicated stories are. Not many ….. Batman’s Strength, that is, the strength of Batman. How many people can understand? He has somehow gotten into DC Comics. But Zach and Nolan were the only ones in the comic that could afford it. The Nolan Batman Trilogy is masterpiece level and got out of work. But inside the DC Universe, Zack had a sneak peek.

As soon as the 2009 film releases, DC fans will know that Zack is ready to take on the task of raising the DC Universe. While many may be reluctant to accept it, I do see it as a Joker film. The reason is that he told a very different story within the film than he did in the comic strip. If you had listened to the Joker’s dialogue in The Joker and Roshank’s dialogue on Watchmen, you’d have to understand what I’m trying to say. Anyway, the startup that made the sack from Watch is creating the 2013 Man of Steel. But before this Man of Steel was created, he had given me the news about the BvS film. That makes you think of how many plans Zack’s head had. # Release the Snyder Cut

I mean, everybody knows the game that Zack came from. The hype from the day BvS Envelopment was delivered (see video, just put the link) and the hype before the film was relayed, the film reverts completely after it is released. In short, even people who believe in DC Comics blame BvS for losing it. I talked about it earlier in an article. If you don’t read it, just come check it out. Put the link in the comment section. 

Okay … Better yet, Zack has his next major plan in place during the BvS screenings. It was the Justice League that had been watching all the movie fans for so long. Some of our hopes will never be realized. The Justice League film that everyone had been waiting for without a Marvel DC deal was just too much to expect. Why did this happen? Then there’s the one-on-one talk. But this is simply what happened. During the final days of the Justice League film Shootin ‘, Zack’s daughter Suicide. The daughter of one of the big boys with such a big bowl is suicidal.

There are plenty of reasons for that. But I do know. No man is 100% perfect. When Zack shook the world as a director, he must have failed as a father. Because of this, Zack is temporarily out of work on film. But Warner Brothers, who was in charge of the film’s production, couldn’t figure it out. They just wanted to reload the film the day it was enveloped. But because of Zack’s problem, he has had to leave the film for at least another year. So if the releases date is postponed, it will definitely be released in the coming year of Marvel Infinity War 2018. This is Warner Bros. ‘s biggest mess. Releasing a JL film with a major film in the MCU is quite a mess on the marketing side. So Warner Brothers will find this problem

 The best solution is Joss Whedon. Joss Whedon is a director who has done both films with a superhero assemblage. Jose made the first film of the Avengers as well as the second (Age of Ultron). And they’ve got it. He also got good reviews for both films. And it’s not an easy task to make a superhero assembly. Just think. It is very difficult to make a film with a lot of actors who have a lot of fanbase. So it’s a guy who has Experience. That’s why Jose chose to work for the WB La Justice League. Otherwise, Jose Viden was not on the road and asked to do the film. Then why the fuck did Joes ???

Release the Snyder Cut
Release the Snyder Cut

Many would say that JL would have been better if Jason Weeden had been around since the beginning. I don’t agree with that. Because Joss Whedon is a great expert on entertainment. That’s why the two Avengers films were so well made. Nobody expects a Masterpiece from Marvel. Everyone wants a good Marvel film with an action sequence. But DC is not. Anyone watching a DC film with a separate film on its head? Like solving a puzzle. DC fans got more than that from MoS and BvS. Keeping those two in your head, we all went to see JL. There was a reason for that, one would say … The Justice League had a trailer at the time.

It’s a trailer for Zack’s film, and we weren’t expecting much of that film. That’s the first reason Jose’s job went wrong. The next thing is the complexity of JL Comics. The JL film didn’t have that complexity. MCU comics or films are not as complicated. Marvel Fans Don’t Stop Clothing Now. Anyway, the Avengers Experience made the Jose Viden JL. That’s the next damn place. The next point, when he took over the work of Jose, was that he had already finished much of the Zack film.

Simply put, if JL was a house, Zack would have built it. Joss only had to cut and paint and work. But he did not stop there and did his best. You know you can’t push heavy stuff. So Mr. Jones did a lot of the sack shoots and removed the parts. Some of them were shot again. He did all this as a consequence of his embarrassment. Remember, Jose did all this because Avengers was on his head. Jose can’t really blame it. Think of it this way. If we are asked to repeat our most successful work, we will do the same as before. Because it was a success, we would be successful in doing it this way. I think Jose Weeden is the same.

Okay … that’s the reason why the JL that we’ve been looking forward to for so many years is gone. But Zack, who came back to life again and again, has never been quiet about his injustice. Because Zach’s Vichan was ruined. Years of hard work. Anyway, Zack is starting a campaign. He wants to relay the version he did in JL. Now why is this director screaming to relay his film ???  It’s the kids. Agreement to make a film is not like this. Most of the time a film is owned by the studio that promoted the film. Warner Brothers owns the entirety of the DCEU. And Warner Brothers owns the entirety of the Justice League film. So they don’t like the Snyder cut, or the release of Zack Snyder’s version in the Justice League. But as far this work goes a long way. As far

as I can tell,as I know, social media has been trending on social media most of the time and the hashtag is #ReleaseTheSynderCut. From month to day, a large number of monthly fans joined the campaign. Separate Mercantiles (T-shirts, posters etc) were also made for this purpose. Even the songs (if you put the link in a super rapper that is) are just that. Snyder Cut has been one of the main themes of Comic Con throughout the world over the past two years. It’ll be a time and a time for things to go down. But here’s the other side. Three years after the film was released, the work is still on the trend lists. That’s the good news that the movie fans of the world have been waiting for. 

Here is the news. Last week, Warner Bros. agreed to take a look at Snyder’s cut. There is no description as to who organized the work. According to reports, Warner Bros. Studios is way above the bosses. Anyway, at this meeting, Zack has agreed to a few r රීsumට්s. At the request of Warner Brothers. So this is a renegotiation, because Snyder Cut can be relayed. Also, Zack talks to HBOmax bosses these days to stream Snyder Cut via HBOmax. The Snyder cut, however, is not releasing to theaters.

And the best way to popularize it after HBOmax launches on May 27 is to release the Snyder cut. The news comes from a web site called FandomWire. This is one of the most trusted websites in the world on news like this. Zac had said that it was impossible to say exactly how much work would be done because of the coronavirus in the world these days. Rhee is doing a little bit of shit, it’s too risky these days. Anyway, according to current reports, we’ll be able to watch the Justice League Snyder Cut, or the Original Justice League very soon …

Sack one photo releases Snyder Cut as we’ve done over the years. If we had another two or three years, we could have looked at the Snyder cut from the photos. That’s why we get news like this. And I’ve never seen so many people gather around a film in the world. Three years after the film was released, fans still look forward to seeing Justice League as they thought it would be. Really, it is not just Zack, it is a huge hit all over the world.

On Wednesday 20th of this month, tomorrow we will be joining Sack Live Commentary. It’s the Man of Steel Watch Party … This is live from the “Vero” Social Media App. It starts at 8.30 pm tomorrow (20th) at our time. Go and comment on the questions you have … Zack answers … Zach is looking forward to talking about Supia’s Man of Steel (2013) film. Do you remember Supia’s film? There is a lot to know about it.

And I’m pretty sure we’ll get to know more about the future of Snydercut during this conversation. And from the official Twitter account of the Vero app, Snyder commented on the post he posted about this watch party … “On My World it means Hope” … It’s a Dialogue of Superiors … … and why would you say it is from Vero Official Twitter Account … According to the comment “On My World” the world is Vero App. So this watch party is inside the Vero app, in the world of Vero … Is it possible that the world outside of the watch party in the Vero world can be a hope for us? Just like in Supia’s world, the Krypton hope sign (S) looks like real hope to us … Now if our hope is release Snyder Cut ????

Zack is a guy who describes big things with little things … Everyone knows that the symbol “S” in the middle of Super Man’s chest is “Hope” or Hope … Zach has a watch party on a film that symbolizes hope. ..Something about the Snyder cut … our hope is the Snyder cut … all our hopes if this is a film based on the word “hope” after the watch party. 


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