RTX 3000 Series Prices, The best Revolution of PC gaming.

RTX 3000 Series Prices, The best Revolution of PC gaming.

RTX 3000 Series ⚠️️❤

RTX 3000 Series official trailer

On September 1, 2020, Nvidia, one of the world’s leading makers of graphics cards (Graphic chips), introduced its latest RTX 3000 Card set.

First of all, let me tell you about this RTX, RTX is a card set released by Nvidia with Ray tracing technology, otherwise, RTX is just a brand name and not for Ray Tracing. However, if these RTX cards do not have the past, we were able to get a great performance on the RTX 2000 card, and they were very expensive.

Difference between RTX 2000 series and RTX 3000 series.

However, the biggest difference we have when we go to the RTX 3000 Card is the difference in price because the RTX 3000 Card is unimaginably smaller than the cards in the RTX 2000 set. It is said to be about twice as big as 2000 cards.

The three RTX cards released

These 3 RTX 3000 cards have been introduced by Nvidia but the 2060 entry-level card that was found in the RTX 2000 cards is not seen here. I would say the solution I got was from the RTX 2000 Card.

RTX 3090 – RTX Titan (RTX 2000 series )
RTX 3080 – RTX 2080 Ti
RTX 3070 – RTX 2080    

RTX 3000 Series Prices

The price of this is still unknown, but for example, the performance of an RTX 2080 that was around 1500 USD (Rs. 280,000 / 300,000) can be bought with an RTX 3070 card for around 850 USD (Rs. 150,000) (according to the prices quoted by Nvidia).


Anyway, from the moment I heard this, I thought about the people who bought the RTX 2000 Card and those who claim that Intel is the best for gaming The reason is that it has better performance than the RTX 2000 Card. The card has been newly introduced. This will affect Intel in a slightly different way (I’m not talking about the CPU or Intel Graphics).Because the RTX 3000 Card supports PCI-e Gen 4 technology, it can only be used on AMD and 3rd Gen CPUs & Motherboards (let’s wait a minute for those of you who are trying to bury Intel) because PCI-e Gen 4 Support Because it only happens to AMD.

This is the live event held recently about the new RTX 3000 Series

Live Event

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