Source code 2011

Source code 2011

Rating: 7.5 out of 10.

If you are looking at the Mind-Blowing film you should definitely see one of the films I brought today. So this is the source code.
⁣Source Code is a film starring a talented actor named Jake Gyllenhaal. So, a train bomb explodes, and he and the rest of the train die.
But he realizes that his face is different when he looks at it in the mirror.
So here he wakes up on the train again. Just like a time loop.
There are two ways in which this group finally understands. One is that Jake’s character will live in two worlds. Let’s read the Explain.
So this is the first bomb in a series of bombs that are supposed to be on the train. Jake’s actually playing Captain Colter Stevenson.
So he is a helicopter pilot…. he was badly hurt in the war.

Q: What is source code?

The source code is a program, made to stop this terrorist act, so this is what it is. When someone dies, the memory remains in the brain for about eight minutes before he dies. And that guy (Shawn) has eight minutes of memory in Coulter’s brain. So, this source code is a virtual world. So in this case they are rebuilding that blown train. Not only the train, but the whole world is better.


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