The interstellar 2014 movie explained

The interstellar 2014 movie explained

Interstellar Movie

Interstellar Movie Trailer

Rating: 8.5 out of 10.

Since most of them do not understand Interstellar movie, I will give a little explanation, be sure to read and get an idea.
Don’t watch it, don’t separate if you understand the film. I’ll call the scene. Rising N2 on Earth is causing an increase in microorganisms and the destruction of crops. Because even though we don’t have N2 work, it’s a good fertilizer for microbes. (They smuggle this in because people don’t want to spend it on space travel, rather than food)


this NASA works through a newly created black hole near Saturn. Normally a black hole/wormhole does not automatically come into existence. The man of the future has left it to save the people of their past.).Somehow the protagonist of this story becomes like a haunted scene in cooper’s house, books fall according to Moss code, betraying the longitude and longitude of NASA from the dust. You have a question as to who is doing that.

That cooper is doing it. how is that?

Why does he get stuck at the end of an interstellar movie? He is on a bookshelf. Did Cooper go to the future then? No. He can control the time from the back of the bookshelf just like we change the height and width. So the question that comes to your mind is who built the bookshelf behind that black hole (at the end of the film). This is how it goes. called plan B.

interstellar movie 2014
interstellar movie

The gravity formula,

must have been completed for the space ship to succeed. If he completes it, he can hit baseball even from the roof like the last scene in the film (in short, we can control gravity the way we want.) but to complete that formula we have to go into a black hole because he has the answer in the black hole. But God knows what will happen after that.

Somehow in the last part of the interstellar movie,

those robot tars are sent to the black hole because plan A failed (plan A = finding another suitable planet). Tars have to send the quantum of data obtained from the black hole to the earth as quantum data (that is, like a radio signal). At the same time, Cooper goes under the black hole. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.

Because there’s something to understand in every part of this whole film. It’s not made, it’s actually made. Who makes it? He is the man of the future. Because it’s trying to get this cooper to move four dimensions (with time) and give the rest of our ancient Earth the answer to gravity and save mankind.

So I said earlier that tars took over the job. He can’t send it to Earth as quantum data. So now it’s in the hands of a cooper. There must always be something right to take that signal someday. But the signal that sends data is the same as gravity.

interstellar movie
interstellar movie

Because he controls his gravity and sends messages, so his daughter in the past can’t hear him no matter how much he screams. Because Cooper knows that his daughter will keep the watch he gave her before he said goodbye to his daughter because he loves her.

He also has faith that one day his daughter will be able to understand this. Called his father Thin finally sees his daughter shake the clock his father gave him. According to the Moss code. That is, when the tars tell the cooper according to the moss code of that gravity answer, Cooper sends the gravity to the clock given to his daughter by the way. The daughter catches it from the LOVE way.

Then you will have a problem,

so I will tell you how Cooper became young and obsolete. It has to be explained by relativity. Do not be afraid. Thus, time travels slowly where there is a lot of gravity. When Cooper was on that planet for 3 hours, it was 20 years after the black friend who was on the mother ship. When her daughter becomes an old grandmother. But she knows more about love in this film than watching romantic shits.

My analysis may not be 100% successful,

but I have explained this to you in my precious time. Why can’t future people go through the time and tell the past the answer of gravity .. because the future has no connection with the past in that planet. Cooper – They have infinite access to time and space. But they are not bound. No matter where we are, it is wonderful that we are connected.

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