Top 3 IOS Applications.

Top 3 IOS Applications.

By the end of 2019, the App Store had 1,800,000 apps added. With the end of the decade and the end of the decade, it’s time to choose the best of the millions of apps. In 2019, Apple has refined the traditional journey of apps, selecting the most creative ones in a series of categories. They are:

.1) Flow ;

Expand Creativity as Customized ( Apple’s Stylus product, Apple Pencil, works on iPad and iPhone X.Flow App, one of the most effective apps, has been voted the Best iPad App of the Year. It was created by Moleskine, a reputable notebook manufacturer. The specialty of this is that you can choose not only different types of pens, pencils, pencils but also the type of paper. Drawing allows the paper to be stretched seamlessly and can be designed without interruption. The toolbox can be customized with color as needed. Tools like Lasso Knife put it beyond traditional drawing apps. (This is free for 7 days only)

.2) Spectre Camera ;

Rated as the best app for the iPhone, it’s easy to take long exposure photos powered by AI. Lux Optics, the maker of the Halide Camera app, which was previously selected as the “Editors Number Choice”, was created by itself.Long exposure photography is one of the easiest ways to get water flowing smoothly and using electric lights on the road.
One of the major problems with photographs in a public place is the lack of value in the photographs. Recently, Photoshop Elements had such a barrier feature. The Spectre Camera app can remove even small (sized) vehicles on the road. The Spectre Camera app works best with the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

.3) Hyper Light Drifter ;

The Hyper Light Drifter game, an adventure type with 8-bit graphics, was voted the best game for the iPad. It has also previously won Game Informer’s 9.5 highest ratings and awards. With Hyper Light Drifter you have the opportunity to navigate a map full of mysteries, gathering new weapons, attacking enemy groups at once, and jumping through the dense thick forests and ruins of the building. The main ability of this fighter is to rapidly drift from one place to another. The iPad Pro offers up to 120 fps of experience. It costs $ 4.99 to download.

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