Top Most Dangerous Places to visit in the world

Top Most Dangerous Places to visit in the world

Would you like to travel in the world? who is your travel partner? Hope these places add a new dimension to your experience. These places are so popular in many parts of the world because of their danger. I Would like to introduce the following 5 places as the most dangerous places in the world.

1.Snake Island(Brazil)

Snake Island(Brazil)

This is a small island in size and It’s also known as Ilha da Queimada Grande and this island is located off the coast of Brazil on the Atlantic ocean and the snake’s island covers an area of 43hectares and has a mild climate.

The land of this island is diverse from the bare island, rocky terrain to large rain forests. The highest point on this island is 206meters above sea level. It is believed that the snakes may have been trapped here as they were unable to reach the land due to rising sea levels.

The island later became dangerous to humans as snakes adapted to the environment in their own way.

Snake Island is only open to the Brazilian navy and the biodiversity conservation institute, Chico Mendis.

2.Lake Natron (Africa)

Lake Natron

It is a mineral-rich lake located in northern Tanzania on the Kenya border. This is a soda or salt lake. Its surface elevation is about 600meters. The lake is fed by Kenya’s bicentennial Evasco Nagiro river with a maximum length of 57km, a width of 22km and a depth of about 3 meters.

The area around the lake receives incessant rains. The water here is alkaline and the pH range of the tank water can be 12or higher.

3.North Sentinel Island(India)

North Sentinel Island

This is one of the Andaman Islands. Located in the Bay of Bengal. The island is home to an indigenous people who have denied contact with the outside world called the Sentiles. It covers an area of ​​approximately 60 square kilometres.

There are two main islands, namely north Sentinel and Costance islands. It is 7.8 km long and 7 km wide. The highest point of the island is 122 meters (400 ft) above sea level.

4.Death Valley(California)

Death Valley(California)

It is located in Inyo County, California, near the border of California and Nevada, North America. Located 86 m (282 ft) below ground level and it covers an area of ​​7800 sq km. It has a dry climate.

It is located in the middle of four major mountain ranges, including the Sierra Nevada and the Panamint. The highest temperature currently recorded in the valley is 56.7 Celsius (134 Fahrenheit). It is widely reported that this was the highest atmospheric temperature ever recorded.

5.Danakil Desert(Africa)

Danakil Desert

The desert stretches across southern Eritrea, northeastern Ethiopia, and northwestern Djibouti. This area is prone to volcanoes and It covers an area of ​​136,95 square kilometres.

Rainfall is minimal and may even be less than the inch and It is the lowest and hottest place on earth and this is located in the Afar Triangle.

These are the The Most Dangerous Places to visit in the world. It is all for now .

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