Vega EVX / World No1 Fastest Electrical Car, made in Sri Lanka

Vega EVX / World No1 Fastest Electrical Car, made in Sri Lanka

First of all, Vega EVX is completely designed and manufactured only by Sri Lankan engineers.


Vega EVX is a full electric two-seater vehicle. It’s developed by Sri Lankan carmaker VEGA INNOVATION. It is going to production in 2022.

The Production :

Vega innovations were started in 2013 by Dr.Harsha Subasinghe ( President and Chief Executive officer of CodeGen Group of Companies ) and co-founder Dr Beshan Kulapala. In 2015 Vega innovations introduced the first prototype of the Vega EVX that could generate more than 890 Horsepower ( 900 Buff horses ). It can reach 100 kilometres per hour ( 62 miles per hour ) in just 3.1 seconds. The first Vega EVX prototype is created in 2017 with the expectation that the company would start commercial production in the next few years.

Travel to geneva :

The prototype of the Vega EVX was scheduled to unveil at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2020 but was cancelled due to Coivd – 19 epidemic. How ever, this car, like other cars, is going to unveil live to the world via the internet at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show.

Things that are :

The Vega EVX has two 300kW (408 hp) electric motors mounted on the front and rear axels that power all wheels. It delivers 600kW (816 hp)
Of power and 760 Nm of torque. It is powered by 600 Cells with 3.3v LiFePo4 ( Lithium ferro phosphate ). It has 12 battery packs with 50 cells in each pack. These are located in the rear centre of the car and allow a range of 300km ( 187 miles per hour ). The 130 kWh larger battery goes up to another 250 kilometres ( 155 miles per hour). 240 km ( 150 mph ) in 3.1 seconds.

It takes less than 3.1 seconds to reach 0 – 100 kmh from the original model of the Vega EVX. The Lamborghini Aventador made in 2017 takes 2.9 seconds to reach 100 kmh. Also, the Nissan GT-R NISMO version takes just 2.9 seconds to reach 100 kmh. How do we do that !! EVX can reach a top speed of 380 kmh ( 236 mph ) and has a full battery life of 750 km.

If you need more information about this car visit official site.

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